Project and Program Management

Project Reviews
Project Reviews can be critical to the ongoing health of any project. Take the time to stop, look and learn to make sure you are on path to success.

Project Reviews can take place at a range of points in the project lifecycle.

  • Governance Reviews
  • Due Diligence Reviews
  • Health Reviews
  • In Progress Reviews

Post Implementation Reviews

Project Remediation
You have come this far and can't afford any more delays. COGS has the experience and expertise that allows us to identify critical problems and make recommendations enabling our clients to make quick and informed decisions.

By applying our unique remediation process to the clients’ challenge, COGS enables the initiative to progress from the re-baselining point through to implementation.

The macro level process includes the following phases:

  • Project / Program Audit, Recommendations and detailed planning
  • Gap analysis (current position against desired objectives)
  • Re-baselining the Business Case
  • Process Change Implementation
  • Reporting regime
  • Post Implementation Review (PIR)

COGS is also not averse to recommending the cancellation of a project if the results of the audit suggest that it may be prudent to do so.

Project Management
We assist clients to deliver ICT projects on time, within budget and consistent with project sponsor expectations.

Many projects fail to achieve their stated business benefits, the very reason why they were  initiated in the first place. The causes for this are many and complex ranging from poorly defined or controlled scope to a lack of implementation planning.

The key to success lies in effective preparation and planning. Risks need to be identified, controlled and abated to increase the likelihood of the project achieving the objectives. Our personnel have  the experience in laying the foundations of a successful project, including financial analysis, technical analysis, risk analysis, estimation, vendor management, tender development and project initiation.

COGS can augment in-house Project Managers by undertaking a “health check” of a project. Having been honed over a number of years of working on major projects within a number of organisations, our diagnostic methods provide a good indication of the likelihood of a project achieving its timing, budgetary and business objectives.

We have developed a suite of customised standards, templates, processes and procedures for companies and departments to operate more effectively and efficiently. We have a range of processes and procedures within our “Infobank”, and can work with your business to cost effectively develop a customised solution to suit your needs.

COGS people have proven records in delivering projects within budget, on time and consistent with the project sponsor's expectations. Our Project and Program Managers have worked on many large, complex projects and are experienced in how to identify a problem or deviation and how to fix it quickly and cost effectively.