Taking a product to market can be a daunting and troublesome experience for businesses of any size. All too often businesses start with the best intentions of commercialising their intellectual property, only to get derailed via the importance of BAU cadence and priorities which leads to managerial frustration and increased cost and time.   Due to this, often the initiative is “rushed” via the employment of only the critical items which invariably ends in the inability to service your own clients and introduces rework and revenue at risk.

The COGS productisation methodology ensures that the product is fit for purpose against your businesses growth and ensures that it aligns with your strategic direction.

COGS can help your business with:

  • Product Planning and Development Programs  
  • Marketing Strategy Planning and Execution
  • Market Research Programs including Brand Audits
  • Product Training Programs
  • Support Establishment and Operations
  • Sales Channel Management  
  • Operational Process Definition and Documentation  

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